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This will shock you, but this juice successfully prevents cancer, diabetes, gastritis and lowers blood pressure

Scientist have proven that juice of potato is more effective than any medicine and can treat cancer, diabetes, gastritis, high blood pressure and many other serious diseases.

Beneficial properties of raw potatoes have been known to folk medicine for centuries, but despite that, we still think it shouldn’t be used in raw form.

We are making a big mistake, because in its raw form, potatoes are healthy and enormously useful food.

This will shock you, but this juice successfully prevents cancer, diabetes, gastritis and lowers blood pressure

With many mistaken belief regarding the consumption of potatoes, it is worth to mention that the main opinion is that it is necessary before eating to peel off the potatoes, because its shell is poisonous.

In fact, the shell of organic potatoes doesn’t contain any kind of substances that can harm your health.

The dangerous one are the immature potatoes with green skin and potatoes sprout. The danger is in solanine – the poison that occurs in germ and green parts of potatoes. But, in that kind of potato you can remove the shell before use.

Potatoes as a cure for many serious diseases

Numerous specialists, for example, John Lesindzer and Dr. John Tucakov, explained the healing properties of potato juice.

Lesindzer thinks that the juice from potato is a natural pharmaceutical for the treatment of gastritis, one of the most well-known sicknesses of modern times.

He suggests taking one tablespoon of potato juice weakened with a little water, 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For treating duodenal and stomach it is recommender to take half deciliter of potato juice on an empty stomach, and half deciliter 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.

Dr John Tucakov claims that the juice of the potato beneficially affects the blood sugar levels, and in the treatment of lung sicknesses and respiratory infections and even extreme ailments, for example, emphysema.

Buddhist friar Tomizawa, writer of the book “The street to a sound way of life: Cancer is nothing to fear,” as indicated by daily utilization of half a pint of potato juice can enormously add to cure cancer and different serious ailments.

To conclude on the productivity of potato in the battle against growth, is increasingly coming through scientific examination.

Kagamine Professor of Medicine University of Akita (Japan), has achieved to separate the substance of raw potatoes, which showed to be effective in destroying the growth of tumor cells in mice. The results of this were published in the International Congress for the fight against cancer, which was held in Germany.
Juice of potato is used as a part of the famous Broy’s cancer therapy.

Today, the potato is gaining significance as a effective tool in the battle against illnesses of the kidneys and liver, and also in cases of heart illness, hypertension, diabetes, lumbago, rheumatism etc.

Despite the beneficial outcomes in the treatment of serious illnesses, drinking juice of row potato is a magnificent tool for boosting the immunity.

Also, it helps in decreasing the common headaches and menstrual pain.

If you feel week or tired, drink juice from one medium-sized potato, carrots and apples, once every day in the morning and evening, and in just two weeks you will be back to the great health condition.

Benefits of the juice of potatoes:

    Boosts immunity
    Cleanses the body of toxins
    Treat skin diseases
    Used to fight cancer
    Helps with gastritis and other stomach problems
    It lowers blood sugar
    Aids in liver and kidney ailments
    Protects against cardiovascular disease

The peel from the potato is helping to the detoxification of the body and it is rich in many nutrients.

If you consume unpeeled potatoes, particularly raw, your body will get a lot of valued ingredients, like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins C and B6, potassium, iron, magnesium and zinc.

It is important to note that while cooking it loses the vitamin C, which is really a great disappointment, as one medium sized raw potato (150 grams) has 27 mg vitamin C, which makes 45% of the recommended daily intake of this vitamin.

Between other things, the potato is very effective against some skin problems and gives a clean and radiant complexion, and skin with no acne and blackheads.

Because of its antiseptic properties, it’s great cleanser for skin problems, and because it has a high percentage of vitamin C and starch, nourishes the skin and prevents its mature. If you grind and put as a face mask, it will tighten and clean your skin.

Additionally, it can help in the battle against cellulite. For this, it is enough to regularly massage critical areas with slices of raw potato.

Preparing juice of potatoes

Preparing potato juice is very easy. Wash the potatoes and eliminate all the seeds and green parts of the shell.

Cut into thin slices, wrap in a fabric cloth and squeeze the juice. Also you can use the juicer.

Always drink a freshly prepared juice from potatoes. You can mix it with fruit or vegetables of your choice, like apples and carrots, lemon juice and honey for better taste.

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