mercredi 13 janvier 2016

Reduce Your Blood Pressure in 10 Seconds!

High blood pressure is a silent killer and in order to prevent it, it is essential to regulate your diet.

Healthy lifestyle can keep your cardiovascular system healthy and will effectively control your blood pressure.

Reduce Your Blood Pressure in 10 Seconds!
All you need to do is include these two foods in your daily diet:
Some studies confirmed that the systolic and diastolic blood pressure for adults can be lowered with cinnamon, the famous aromatic spice. If you add half a teaspoon in your daily diet, you can control your high blood pressure. For a quick effect, melt a small amount of cinnamon powder in your mouth and swallow.
Moreover, you can sprinkle cinnamon on your breakfast cereal, oatmeal, and even in your coffee. Also, cinnamon improves the flavor of stir fries, curries, and stews.
This healthy ingredient reduces blood pressure immediately. Garlic affects the blood vessels by relaxing and spreading them, allowing easier blood circulation that leads to reduced pressure.
If you want quick results and immediate lower blood pressure, eat fresh garlic clove with bread or cut it and add it into your salad.

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