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Shocking Video: Doctors removed implants from a woman’s breast and they were shocked – VIDEO

Ana Zigenhorn from Florida in 2011, started to gain weight and experience other health issues and her life changed big time.

 Many doctors she visited could not determine the cause until they decided to open her chest and discovered mold.

Shocking Video Doctors removed implants from a woman’s breast and they were shocked – VIDEO

She is a loving mother of two kids and the time when she started to gain weight her vision started to blur and felt pain all over her body. In a period of nine months she could not even speak and communicated with stickers and wrote on a chalkboard.

She went to many specialists, yet no one could figure out what the reason for her condition was. Lupus, joint inflammation and issues with the thyroid were immediately smothered and there appeared to be no answer until Dr. Susan Kolb, creator of “The Naked Truth about Breast Implants,” did not bring up that the wellbeing state of the patient could twist the mold around the silicone inserts. When the inserts were uprooted, the indications started to subside.

Zigerhorn still keeps a video on her mobile phone, which demonstrates what going on in her body. She thinks that the implant contained mold, which over the years slowly made the impact on her body.

This kind of case is not just with Ana Zigenhorn, there are many others with exact problems. While a representative for the US Food and Drug Administration expresses that there have been no comparative protestations regarding implants, but states that implants still ought to be changed from time to time.

Specialist Kolb, then again, guarantees that she has cured a large number of patients experiencing the same problem and teaches patients that implants ought to be changed every 8 to 15 years.

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