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Here Is How To Heal Any Thyroid Condition With These 6 Simple Steps!

The insulin, the cortisol and the thyroid hormone play an important role in your metabolism and your weight control.

Once you are aware that you have inactive thyroid that that is stalling your metabolism you can start correcting that.

There are various reasons for slow thyroid function. There was a case of a young woman who had difficulty in changing her body, despite the fact that she worked really hard.  She exercised regularly, had a perfect diet and she still had 30 % body fat. She also suffered from depression.

She was treated with a low dosage of Armour thyroid and after a while her condition improved. It is really important that the doctor does the appropriate exam. Checking the thyroid-stimulating hormone isn’t enough because it doesn’t show how things really stand. Other tests that can be done are thyroid antibodies, free T4 and T3. Other indicators can be food allergies, gluten intolerance, lack of vitamin D, vitamin A, omega 3 and zinc
A level over 3.0 is now considered as hypothyroid.
Curing these problems needs more that taking a pill. It is a whole process and it involves exercise, supplements, stress reduction, avoiding certain foods, a body detoxification from petrochemical toxins and some heavy metals.
In order to do that, take a look at six approaches.
Approach 1: Eliminate the causes
Your diet is very important. There are foods that have an impact of the function of the thyroid. Soy foods and foods from the broccoli family are said to create thyroid dysfunction. However they have other health perks. Gluten is part of the group of foods which stalls your metabolism, you need to do tests to find out if you have hidden gluten or simply you can stop consuming gluten for three weeks.
If your symptoms disappear it may mean that your body has problem with that food. If you want to be sure, start consuming gluten again and see what happens. Apart from the gluten there are also a number of other food allergies.
Your thyroid can also be stalled by toxins. Fluoride, mercury and chlorinated water are connected with thyroid problems. Test yourself and if you are positive get them out of your system. Eating natural organic food, detoxifying foods and drinking filtered water is very convenient in healing your thyroid.
Another disadvantage is the stress. A study showed that people who were stressed had higher inflammation levels, higher levels of cortisol, higher TSH but very low T3. Adrenal gland exhaustion or burnout is a form of stress which is especially dangerous.
Approach 2: Regular Saunas and Exercise  
Secretion of thyroid hormones is stimulated by exercise. Another useful way of relaxing your body and mind are saunas and they are good way of getting rid of pesticides, which might contribute to your thyroid condition, found in your system. Saunas help with the weight loss.
And as you lose weight, toxins like PCBs and pesticides are released by fat tissue and these toxins lower the T3 levels, they inhibit your fat-burning ability and slow down your resting metabolic rate. Because of the harmful impact that the released toxins have on the thyroid function, detoxification is really important because in that way you lose weight.
Approach 3: Eat Nutritious Food
Your loss of weight mainly depends on your nutrition and your genes. You should consume food that is of nutritional support for the thyroid. In order to be produced the thyroid hormones need omega 3, iodine, transforming the inactive T4 to active T3. It requires vitamin D and A. Foods that should be eaten are those that are rich in iodine, omega 3, selenium, vitamin D. You should avoid soy products and food rich in gluten.
Approach 4: Use Supplements
You should use mineraland multivitamin supplementswhich are rich in selenium, vitamins A and D, iodine, and omega 3 (fish oil) and zinc. If your suprarenal glands are exhausted from a lot of stress, you should treat them by relaxing and consuming some adaptogenic herbs.
Approach 5: Test Your Thyroid
You should take in consideration the overall view when you will have your thyroid diagnosed. All of the test results and symptoms should be considered.
To get a the overall view, test this functions:
  •  The thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)
  • Free T3 and free T4
  • Thyroid antibodies
  •  TRH stimulation test
Strategy 6: Choose the proper Thyroid Hormone Substitute .
The most accepted treatment  is Armour thyroid, a drug made from dried porcine thyroid. It consists of  the full range of thyroid hormones, including T4, T3, and T2. The right dosage  can be 15 to 180 milligrams, all depends on the person..
If you want to know if you suffer from a thyroid problem, sometimes the best solution is to take Armour thyroid for three months and see what happens. If you start to feel better, then you have made the right decision. However, you should always consult with a physician before taking prescribed drugs. You should take the right dosage and avoid any side effects.

Source: The hearty soul

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