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1 Natural Oil Trick to Get Rid of Bad Breath, Plaque Buildup, and Stains

Oil pulling is an old Ayurvedic method that has been proven as very efficient in improving the oral health and purifying the body.

In order to implement this method you will need pure oils which will allow you to draw out the dangerous fungus, bacteria and other organisms from your mouth, throat and gums.

1 Natural Oil Trick to Get Rid of Bad Breath, Plaque Buildup, and Stains

Do you like to learn how to implement this oil pull? There is nothing complicated in this simple method. All you need is coconut and sesame seed oils. Use one of these oils and rinse your mouth. You should do this regularly, every day and your oral health will be greatly improved. This procedure will help you to get rid of toxins in very effective, safe and natural way, without any risk of damaging your gums or teeth.

This method has numerous health benefits. You can do a little research on the internet and find out that many people witness about its amazing health benefits. In this article you can read our list of 10 amazing benefits of oil pulling that will also improve your overall health.

Reduces Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Bad breath is usually results of the by-products of gasses and chemicals released by bacteria in the mouth. This condition could cause many social problems for the person. This condition could be treated by removing the bacteria from the mouth, which can be done with the oil pulling method. In fact, a study proved that in a group of 20 adolescents, the oil pulling method significantly diminished all markers for bad breath and was as effective as the mouthwash products bought in the stores.

Prevents Diseases of the Gums and Mouth

Gingivitis, bleeding gums and cavity diseases can occur in your mouth and gums. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums and it happens when the immune system attacks the bacteria found in the plaque. Knowing the fact that coconut oil has potent anti-inflammatory effects, it is very helpful in this case. Cavities are also result of high concentration of bacteria and can be decreased with the help of oil pulling method.

Can Help Treat TMJ and Jaw Soreness

Improve your jaw’s health with the oil pulling which will also result with reducing of the soreness and TMJ in the jaw. You may feel some pain in your jaw by swishing the oil, but it will be strengthen in time and the pain will be greatly reduced.

Whitens Teeth

Try with the oil pulling method, instead using the chemical laden white strips. The white strips include bleach, tar, fluoride, benzene and aluminum and all of these chemicals are considered as harmful for our health. You will be able to whiten your teeth with oil pulling immediately. Within 14 days you will have brighter and whiter smile that you always wished for, but what is more important is that your teeth will be healthier and they will not be exposed to toxins. Your tongue will also have the healthy pink color.

Improves Skin Conditions

Remove the toxins from your body and your skin’s health will be improved greatly. People who practiced oil pulling claim that it solved their skin issues within two weeks. Oil pulling is helpful against skin conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis and many others skin conditions.

Alleviates Headaches and Migraines

High concentration of toxins in the body could result with severe headaches and migraine. Even though the conventional theory that stress headaches are result from widening of the blood vessels and that migraines are result of obstruction of the blood vessels might be true, late studies found that the main reason of both stress headaches and migraines is the toxic withhold or other tissue irritants in the nervous system. By implementing oil pulling, you are able to remove bacteria and toxins from the body which significantly reduces the stress headaches and migraines.

Full- Body Detox

Oil pulling can also be very helpful when it comes to body detoxification. Numerous bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi exist in our mouth, producing toxins as by-product. This toxic waste firms in the body and is the main reason for many health conditions. When our immune system experiences stress, faces environmental toxins and poor diet, these organisms that exist in our mouth spread through our whole body together with their toxic waste, causing numerous ailments and illnesses as a result of chronic inflammation. With oil pulling you will be able to remove these harmful toxins, preventing their expansion through your body, which detoxifies your organism. The health benefits of this detox are amazing.

Supports Normal Kidney and Liver Function

By removing toxins from their primary site, which is the mouth, you diminish the stress on your liver and kidneys, which automatically makes them more effective in filtering these toxins in case they have expanded through your body. Implement the oil pulling and your kidneys and liver will be grateful for the help.

Improves Hormone Balances

Oil pulling also is there for you when it comes to retaining hormone balance, regulation of menstrual cycles and the alleviating the symptoms of PMS. Enhance your immune system by removing the toxins from your mouth and your body will improve your hormone’s ability to function properly. Harmed immune system may cause imbalances in woman’s menstrual cycles. This is another good reason to start with oil pulling as soon as possible.

Helps Alleviate Asthma and Congestion

There are many reports on the internet which prove that oil-pulling can be of great help in alleviating asthma symptoms and assist in treating bronchitis and congestion. These conditions are caused by the inflammatory response in the organism and oil pulling can diminish them significantly.

How to Oil Pull:

Sesame seed oil is the mostly used oil for this method of oil pulling, since it was one of the mostly used oils for healing purposes in the past, when the practice had begun. Today, the virgin cold-pressed coconut oil can be used because it has antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Coconut oil is the most recommended oil for oil pulling method.

You will need to warm the coconut oil a little bit because it is in solid form at room temperature. Grab some little saucer and warm it a little but don’t expose it at high temperature because it will affect the oil’s healing enzymes. Still, you can put the solid coconut oil in your mouth and wait for it to melt by itself. Your mouth is warm enough to melt the coconut oil.

The oil pulling method should be done in the mornings, after waking up. First, you should drink a liter of warm lemon water, which will eliminate the toxins from the nights cleaning and fasting process.

Instructions for oil pulling:

    Put one or two teaspoons of coconut oil in your mouth. Wait for a while until the coconut oil is completely melted in your mouth.
    Swish the oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. This time is ideal for degrading the bacteria and plaque, and for disallowing the toxins re-enter back in the saliva glands and mouth.
    Then you can spit the oil. Make sure not to swallow the oil because it is filled with the toxins from your mouth. You want to eliminate them, not to swallow them.
    Wash your mouth with warm water. Use warm water rather than cold because it will make you feel better and will cleanse the mouth more effective.
    Using an all-natural and fluoride-free toothpaste, brush your teeth well in order to be sure that the bacteria is eliminated completely.

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