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Remove fibroma or skin warts very easy

Have you ever asked yourself, what are skin warts?

Skin warts are benign growths of the skin that are actually determined according to benign tumors of connective tissue.

They look like soft nodules sizing between several millimeters to an inch in diameter. Mostly, they have the same color as the skin or in some cases they are lightly pigmented. Warts aren’t too dangerous for our health, but they could be a great aesthetic issue when they appear on some visible area.

Remove fibroma or skin warts very easy

Usually warts appear in middle aged people and in areas where the skin ages, including armpits, neck, groin, under the breasts, belly, eyelids, and the warts also can appear in any part of the skin. Actually, the warts aren’t rare phenomenon because almost every person has minimum one wart on the skin.

The warts could become problem – they can work, grow or bleed

As we grow older, their number and size increases. The real reason for their occurrence is not discovered yet, but genetics and thickness are crucial factors in their progress. Their number ranges averagely from several to 4-5 hundred.

In order to diagnose the fibroma, you should undergo on medical examination where the dermatologist will choose the way of treatment.

The best time for wart removal is the time of the year when the weather is cooler and the sun is less pronounced.

The dermatologists usually use electocoagulation, applantion, radiosurgery and laser in order to remove the warts. One treatment is enough, unless if the fibroma is larger or there are larger amount of warts or larger surface area. In these cases the treatment must be iterated.

After the removal process the affected areas should be treated with antibiotic for five days and you should do the regular hygiene and showering. You should also avoid sweating for several days. In this way the healing will be faster and successful without any necessary complications.

How to use apple cider vinegar to remove fibroma?

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most efficient natural remedies around the world.

People have been using it for centuries for healing purposes, including the elimination of fibroma, thanks to its acidity.

Keep in mind that you never use apple cider vinegar when the fibroma is in the area around your eyes, since it can harm your eyes.

This method is effective for most of the people. Here is how…

Removal Method of fibroma with vinegar:

The area around the fibroma must be cleaned well with water and mild soap.

First, soak the fibroma in water for 15 minutes, or use a toothbrush and rub it.

Then you can dry it.

Soak cotton in the apple cider vinegar and drain the excess contained in the cotton.

Apply the cotton on the fibroma and fix it with a plaster or a bandage. In this way it will surely stay in place.

Leave it to work for 15 minutes and then wash it well with water.

Do this process three times a day in the following several to seven days if required.

The fibroma will become darker and then you will see that it will fall off by itself.

It may leave a scar on the place in dependence of the fibroma size and how deep it is in the skin. In order to prevent scarring you can apply marigold ointment or Aloe Vera gel.

The scar will not appear if the fibroma is not too deep in the skin – but you must do the whole process very carefully.


    The apple cider vinegar mustn’t flow on the surrounding skin because it could cause redness.
    When you notice that a scab has appeared, you mustn’t apply apple cider vinegar anymore.
    Don’t remove the scab you should wait for it to fall off by itself.

Many people have witnessed that this method is effective

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