jeudi 17 décembre 2015

Here’s Some Things You Never Knew About Breasts, But Should

Have you ever wondered, is there a science behind the woman’s breasts? Yes there is, and very interesting one.

 Breasts are one of those organs that aren’t developed at birth, and the breasts are permanently enlarged only in humans.

The rest of the mammals have swollen mammary glands when they are lactating. This fact is a prove that our breasts are very special.

Here's Some Things You Never Knew About Breasts, But Should
AsapSCIENCE released a new video in which some very interesting facts about breasts have been analyzed.

Here are some facts that can be learned from this video:

Around 50% of the women have one smaller breast from the other. Usually it is the right one.

The breast size can alter from week to week. This is affected by the hormone levels.

Just ask yourself, which plastic surgery type is the most common today.

The stimulation of nipples boosts the sexual arousal in 52% of the men and up to 82% in women
Watch the video and learn more amazing facts about breasts:
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