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What’s the Hidden Meaning of your Birthstone ?

Because of their nice look and rarity, the gemstones have been worthily since ancient times.

The ancient civilizations in Babylon and India believed that these precious gems are related with some incredible cosmological powers.

Anyway, since 1400 B.C. the Assyrians were the people who first believed that the gems are really powerful.
  What’s the Hidden Meaning of your Birthstone
The gemstones are also mentioned in the Old and New Testament of the Bible. For example, in Exodus, the breastplate of the Jewish high priest included 12 stones in 3 rows of 3. Each gemstone represents a tribe of Israel. They are also mentioned in the Revelation at the end of the Bible, St. John delineates the 12 gemstones placed in the foundation of the New Jerusalem.
In the first century Flavius Josephus related the gemstones with a proper zodiac sign. If you keep the proper stone each month you will be protected and gain magical and healing abilities. Almost every rich men had all 12 stones at the time. They all wanted to be protected through the whole year.
There are some proofs that the first birthstones listings have been made by Jewish gem traders in Poland or jewelers in Germany. In 1870 Tiffany & Co, the famous jewelry company released one of the Gregorian Poems. The gems were related with the months and particular characteristics were given to each of them.
During the 1912 the National Association of Jewelers made a list which has been updated in 1952. Tanzanite was included in the December listing in 2004 and four years later the tanzanite cartel suggested giving this stone to every kid, not just those who are born in December. Their logo was “Be Born to Tanzanite”. Anyway, this suggestion didn’t go well in the public, because many people aren’t familiar with tanzanite.
If you like to learn more about the gemstones, this article is ideal for you. Find out which stone matches your birth month.
  1. January – Garnet
You can find this stone in every color, except the blue. It will guide you in darkness and keep you safe from snakebites and nightmares. Its characteristics are faith, love and constancy. People who carry this stone report that they are energized, more powerful and self-image. It will calm you whenever you feel nervous.
  1. February – Purple Amethyst
The main characteristics of this gemstone are serenity, loyalty, peace and temperance. The darkness cannot affect the people who carry this gemstone. Pope always wears an amethyst ring.
  1. March- Pale Blue Aquamarine Gemstones
Just like the blood stone, these stones are related with love, hope, youth and good health. You will be brave, happy and loved if you wear this gemstone.
  1. April – Diamonds
Diamonds will keep you safe from insanity. You can find them in many different colors. Their characteristics include eternal love and invincibility.
  1. May – Green Emeralds
These gemstones will provide you with fertility and faithfulness. They also improve your vision.
  1. June – the Cool, Milky Beauty of Pearls or Moonstones
These stones can be chocolate, gray, creamy-white or sophisticated black color. They are related with stable marriage, modesty and chastity.
  1. July – Red Rubies
These gemstones will give you harmony and piece. Their characteristics include nobility and strength. If you wear them you will have nice company and good luck.
  1. August – Light Green Peridot
This gem has its own special sparkle. People who have this gemstone will be safe from depression, evil and enchantments.
  1. September – Sapphire
You can find sapphire in various colors, but usually it can be found in the common blue shades. The main characteristics of this gemstone are serenity, faith, dignity and loyalty.
  1. October – Opals and Tourmaline
Both opals and tourmaline are related with innocence, creativity and hope. You will be safe from mal-intentioned people and evil.
  1. November – Yellow Topaz and Citrine
These gemstones are connected with strength and healing on your mind and body. The people who wear them are safe from mental problems.
  1. December – Turquoise, Blue Topaz and Tanzanite
These gemstones are connected with quality life and luck. They will keep you safe or prevent headaches. Ancient healers believed that turquoise is capable of changing the color when the person who wears it doesn’t feeling well.

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