vendredi 5 février 2016

Man’s Body Packed Full Of Worms After Eating Sushi!

If prepared properly, sushi has numerous health benefits.

But you will definitely experience health disorders after your meal if you do not follow the instructions about how to make it.

 That is the reason why it is crucial to know how to prepare it by the book and to know the origin. Spicy tuna roll, Yummy roll and Sashimi are the most favorite ones.
worms in the body
The consumption of sushi has caused really big problem to one Chinese man where parasitic tapeworms filled his entire body. When he went to hospital the body scan has proved and confirmed that he actually had in infection through the entire body.
Diphyllobothrium is the name of the worm that can be found in almost all types of fish.
Due to consumption of undercooked and raw fish, Diphyllobothriasis disease can be caused. These worms begin to grow when the body is infected, which allows them to stay in the body for a while. Weight loss, pain in the abdominal area and diarrhea are the signs of this disease. The general problem in this situation is that it may take few weeks or months to treat and detect the worms.
Unfortunately, the most shocking and dangerous news is that “if the worms manage to reach the brain” Diphyllobothriasis can be fatal.
The consumption of undercooked and raw fish can cause various parasitic infections. Many studies have proved and explained that additional reaction in your body can be caused by the consumption of cooked fish.
Source: Best Healthy Guide

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