lundi 15 février 2016

8 Vegetables That Can Be Regrown Over and Over Again! Full Tips on How to Regrow Them!

It is undoubtedly better to eat vegetables that are homegrown than to buy them from the grocery. Even though growing your own vegetables requires some time, the advantages from it are numerous.

You don’t need farm since you can grow them inside. Besides, you will save a lot of money.


All you need is some fresh scraps, water and plenty of light.
  1. Carrots
You can regrow carrot greens from carrot tops. All you need to do is put the carrot tops in a bowl with little water in it and put it in a well-lit room or on a window sill.
Carrot greens are slightly bitter, however once they are combined with garlic and vinegar, they can be added to salads.
  1. Celery
You can regrow celery from the leftover celery bottom. Remove the base and put it in a saucer or a shallow bowl and put it somewhere with a direct sunlight.
In due time the leaves will grow and thicken. Move it to soil after three days.
  1. Scallions
You can regrow scallions with the help of the discarded root. Leave one inch of the scallion to its root and place them in a cup filled with water. Put them in a well-lit room.
  1. Bok Choy
Put the root ends of the Bok Choy in water and then somewhere well-lit. One or two weeks later, transfer them to a soil pot. A fresh full head will grow.
  1. Basil
You can regrow basil from basil clippings. Put the clippings, which have 3 or 4 inches stems, in a glass of water and put them on a place where they can be exposed to direct sunlight.
Once the roots become 2 inches long, move them to pots. They will sprout into full basil plants with time. Change the water regularly so as to avoid slimy plants.
  1. Romaine Lettuce
You can regrow romaine lettuce by using the lettuce head’s bottom. Place stumps of the lettuce in half an inch of water.
When the new roots and leaves appear several days later, transfer the lettuce into soil. Cabbages can also be regrown in this way. The leaves of the lettuce can grow twice the size.
  1. Cilantro
You can regrow cilantro by placing their stems in water. Once the roots have the necessary length, transfer them to a pot soil.
Put them in a well-lit rooms and you will have a new plant few months later.
  1. Garlic
You can regrow garlic from its clove. The new garlic sprouts are going to have a milder taste and they can be added to a number of dishes including salads and pasta. Transfer them in a glass with a small amount of water once they start to sprout.


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