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Women Do Not Ignore These 10 Symptoms of “The Silent Killer”!

Every year more than 550 women are defeated in the battle against ovarian cancer.

Most widely recognized reasons for ovarian cancer are the hereditary inclination, age, and over the top utilization of oral contraceptives.

Overlooking all the indications, women in 80% of instances of tumor are diagnosed just when it achieves a propelled stage.

Women Do Not Ignore These 10 Symptoms of “The Silent Killer”!
Never ignore these 10 symptoms:

    Frequent backaches

If you are certain that you don’t experience the ill effects of osteoporosis or joint pain, then these agonies can be a genuine side effect of ovarian cancer.

    Pain in the stomach and pelvis
    Irregular cycles

Women older than 55 years are more prone to the dangers of ovarian cancer. In any case, this may not generally be the situation and cancer can happen even at younger ladies who have not yet got the first cycle.

    Frequent exhaustion for no reason

Shortness of breath, sickness and bad appetite, compelling tiredness can be a sings of ovarian cancer. Furthermore, more than 80% of women have minimum one of the side effects of ovarian cancer a couple of months before it is analyzed.

    Getting full easily

Sense of fullness or “Early satiety,” is the four most important and the most common symptom of ovarian cancer. You can easily make a mistake by thinking that this is a symptom of digestive problems, but don’t be fooled!

    Pain during sexual intercourse

Another strong sign that you are in the early stages of ovarian cancer is a pain during sex, says Medical News Today. This refers to the need to urinate frequently and urgently, and the pain and pressure in the pelvic area. It doesn’t matter if it is more or less painful, it is best to see your doctor as soon as possible.


The gynecologist Jeffrey Stern, says that some cases of ovarian cancer often leads to constipation, which cause weight loss, nausea and abdominal pain.

    Bloated stomach

Another serious sign that you have ovarian cancer is that it your belly swells like that of a pregnant woman.

    Excessive growth of hair and dark hair

Even though it is not considered to be a symptom of cancer, you definitely shouldn’t neglect with the devil. Yet, some women experience the opposite – the hair loss.

    Frequent constipation

The areas that are most affected by cancer are the area of ​​the stomach and digestive tract, especially in the early phases. With pain in the stomach area, other symptoms can contain digestive problems, loss of appetite and gases, according to Medline Plus.

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