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Discover the Age of Your Soul: Has Your Soul Lived before This Life?

In this world, there are many belief systems based on the concept of reincarnation. This means that human souls are given more lives on this Earth.

Is it possible that the things we learn in this life move on into other lives? Why there are people who are so different from one another?

 People who are wise beyond their age, people who are only interested in power, people who act like children despite their age…
The soul age theory states that people don’t have only one life and a chance of learning, but many lifetimes in which they can grow, learn and mature.
Some of the characteristics you have in this life are obtained from previous lives, or from the lack of previous lives.
Discover the Age of Your Soul Has Your Soul Lived before This Life

Newborn souls

The newborn soul is living its first life with joy and amazement. This soul concentrates on survival, mortality. It tends to be playful, emotional, tribal, untamed, very family oriented and watchful. People with a newborn soul can be ignorant, childish and innocent about the difficulties of life. It is hard for them to adapt to civilized society and are extremely positive in their views.

Baby souls

Baby souls crave to learn about rules, roles, and relationships and social structure. They are liable to be submissive, disciplined, and have strong values. People with baby soul seek to make meaning, stability and order in the chaotic nature of life. They are able to fall into temptation and break the rules, but it will torture them with guilt and shame. These people’s actions and beliefs are rule-bound, so this makes them conservative, traditionalists, religiously devout, etc.

Youthful souls

The youthful souls are concentrated on their independence and personal development. They want to learn, improve themselves, and state their free will. They can be determined, inventive, creative, and occasionally egoistical. These people can bring change and be responsible for big improvements in the world.

Mature souls

Mature souls want harmony in their lives and concentrate on relationships, self-consciousness, and sympathize with others. They’re responsive, diplomatic, and sometimes a little neurotic, but caring. They concentrate on their inner world and often fight with the difficulties in life.

Old souls

Old souls look for spirituality and a feeling of oneness and consistence. Old souls are intelligent, conscious of their environment, and unattached to things. Moreover, they tend to be lonely and rational. Almost nothing can surprise them. They stand at the end of the reincarnation cycle.
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